Insurance Investigations

Let OSIG provide you with any of our comprehensive investigation services.  We are available in your time of need to discuss your urgent and important matters.

Background & Criminal Records Investigations

  • Determine the subject’s complete address history including property ownership, business ownership, affiliations, assets, bankruptcies, judgments, and liens. We also determine the subject’s current criminal record including felonies, misdemeanors, federal charges, arrests, sex offenses, and outstanding warrants.

Asset Search Investigations

  • Conduct a thorough search of records including property deeds, property assessments, property foreclosures, bankruptcy history, motor vehicles, UCC filings, corporations, liens, judgments, aircraft, and business affiliations to determine the subject’s assets.

Locate Investigations

  • We locate the subject and determine his or her current address, contact information, and place of employment.

Recorded & Written Statements

  • We will obtain detailed written or recorded statements from insured parties, claimants, and witnesses, and assess their credibility. A complete statement transcription is included with the final report.

Stationary, Mobile & Undercover Video Surveillance

  • is conducted to obtain videotaped documentation of a subject’s social activities. Whenever possible, the investigator will obtain overt and covert video footage of the subject’s activities to include stores, restaurants, bars, or other social environments. The detailed surveillance report will include color photographs and a video DVD of the subject’s activities.

Accident Scene Locus Investigation

  • Photographs and measurements

Activity Checks

At OSIG, we are equipped with the latest, highly technical surveillance equipment, available from our sister company New England PI Equipment, contact us for your needs.

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