Corporate Investigation Services

Let OSIG provide you with any of our comprehensive investigation services.  We are available in your time of need to discuss your urgent and important matters.

Workers’ Compensation Surveillance for Self-insured Corporations

  • The detailed surveillance report includes background information as well as color photographs of the subject engaging in various activities. The report is accompanied by a video DVD to further men the movements.

Electronic Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management

  • We conduct GPS tracking and monitoring of company vehicles in real time via the Internet. Additionally, historical tracking data is compiled and stored for 24-hour coverage. Client can be notified via text message when e vehicle is in motion, exceeds a set speed, or enters/exits a set perimeter.

Employee Misconduct & Integrity

  • An undercover investigator will gather information regarding various types of employee misconduct. Since every business is different, we customize our undercover investigations in assignments dealing with questions of employee theft, professionalism, drug use, policy compliance, or misuse of company vehicles and/or equipment after hours.

Sick Time Verification

  • When there is a question regarding an employee’s use of long-term sick leave, we conduct surveillance to determine and document the activities of the employee.

Non-Compete Violations

  • Using discreet surveillance methods, we will obtain video footage of a former employee’s business activities to determine if the individual is visiting and soliciting business from your customers in violation of a non-compete agreement.

Background & Criminal Records Investigations

  • We conduct research to determine the subject’s complete address history including property ownership, business ownership, affiliations, assets, bankruptcies, judgments, and liens.

Integrity Shopping

At OSIG, we are equipped with the latest, highly technical surveillance equipment, available from our sister company New England PI Equipment, contact us for your needs.

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